Join us for two special evening programs with Nigel Dennis and Eila Wilkinson of Sea Kayaking UK, Anglesey, North Wales

From Antarctica to the Arctic: 35 Years of Nigel Dennis Expeditioning

Thursday, November 3, 6-8 pm at Newbury Kayak & Canoe, Newbury, MA
Friday, November 4, 6-8 pm at Nanuq Kayaking, Portland, ME


Leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. The boats are hauled for the winter.

Thanks for a great season!

We look forward to seeing you again next year.


Ocean School

Nautical Chart of Peaks Island

Our Ocean School Resources contains written materials, articles and outlines for MIKCo’s Ocean School curriculum. We have developed them to support our ‘on-water’ instructional programs. We offer them to you as a supplement to our courses and to improve our understanding of the wonders of the sea.