NDK Quantum 5050

NDK Quantum is Here

Designed by Peter Major. Built by Sea Kayaking UK (SKUK).

Maine Island Kayak Co just unloaded the new Quantum:

a fast expedition kayak with a huge load carrying capacity. Its long waterline and straight rocker enable the Quantum to cut through sea conditions quickly and easily. The hull has a Swede form, meaning the widest point is behind the cockpit. Thus the Quantum is stable, even when lightly loaded.

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NDK Quantum

First NDKs of 2018 to Arrive

~ including the new Quantum and Echo.

Before they’re ever paddled in North American waters, Nigel Dennis Kayaks travel across the ocean.


From their beginnings in Anglesey, Wales, NDKs are loaded into shipping containers for the voyage across the often stormy North Atlantic. Putting together a container begins months in advance. Detailed custom orders are written up,

Container ship

 checked, and finalized by retailers. The orders are reviewed and compiled by the Eastern US importers, and a container is “filled”. Fluctuating exchange rates between the British pound and the US dollar require further calculation.

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NDK Pilgrim

Why NDKs Work for Me

Responding to a comment from a paddler who was frustrated by an NDK foam seat repair led Tom Bergh to reflect on what makes Nigel Dennis Kayaks his go-to sea kayaks.

Before I suggest a fix, let me offer a bit of perspective based on having helped put thousands of paddlers in our sea kayak fleet at Maine Island Kayak Co since 1986.

Personally, I want a boat that disappears when I’m paddling on the water: a boat that makes me smile, and makes me feel confident and solid when I’m challenged. When I hear complaints about minor outfitting concerns, I am reminded of my own personal order of importance for sea kayak design and manufacturing variables:

NDK carbon seat

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