Maine Island Kayak Co’s Demo Program offers paddlers the opportunity to try a choice of sea kayaks on the water from our base on Peaks Island. This is a real-world experience. You will have a chance to sit in a variety of boats appropriate for your size and paddling style, and to feel the differences in fit and hull performance on the water. MIKCo has a full demo fleet of Nigel Dennis Kayaks for your "seat time". Contact us to schedule an appointment.

NDKs lined up on Kayak Beach

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Thoughts on Fitting, Demoing and Choosing a Sea Kayak

NDK Echo and Pilgrim LV

NDK Echo alongside NDK Pilgrim. Although similar, these two boats have noticeable differences in fit and performance that you can feel when you paddle them.


One of our trained instructors will inform and guide your demo experience. We will educate you about our Fit, Form, Function, Feel, Fun method of analyzing an appropriate boat for your needs, physique, and abilities. These are educational, practical, helpful sessions that require a firm commitment of time and energy on your and our part.

MIKCo's Demo Fleet of Nigel Dennis Kayaks
  • Romany Classic
  • Romany Classic Plus New Model!
  • Romany Surf
  • Romany Excel
  • Romany Excel Expedition
  • Romany Sport RM (Formerly Romany Surf RM)
  • Romany Sportive RM
  • Explorer
  • Explorer HV
  • Echo
  • Pilgrim
  • Pilgrim Expedition
  • Latitude
  • Triton II Double

Paddlers are responsible for themselves while on the water.  You will be asked to sign MIKCo's Waiver & Release prior to your demo and be physically able to engage in paddling in Maine’s cooler waters and realistic conditions. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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