Hand built in Anglesey, Wales since 1993.

Our Retail Flyer lists of all of our new, in-stock Nigel Dennis Kayaks.

The links below take you to more photos, descriptions, and specifications of all MIKCo's new retail Nigel Dennis Kayaks, and information about NDK Sizing, Design, and Colors & Options.

The Quantum is a fast expedition kayak with a huge load carrying capacity for the medium to large paddler. The innovative rudder design self-centers into a recess in the deck when retracted.

The Echo is an expedition and play kayak for smaller paddlers. It's a fast, fun boat designed to handle well in wind, surf, and rough water. It replaces the low volume versions of the Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition.

The Romany is an award winning,  responsive, stable, all-around performer. The Romany series includes the Classic, Surf, Excel, Low Volume (LV), and Rotomolded (RM) Sport and Sportive.

The Explorer set a baseline for an all-day-comfortable, expedition style boat for medium-sized paddlers. Other models in the Explorer series are the High Volume (HV) and Low Volume (LV).

The Pilgrim series is designed for the lighter or thinner paddler seeking an NDK style boat in a narrower straight running hull that is much quicker edge to edge. The Pilgrim is a small day or weekend kayak; the Pilgrim Expedition is a faster, longer version.

The Latitude is a narrow expedition kayak designed for the mid-sized or tall, thin paddler. The length of the kayak is extended by 2” immediately behind the seat, which keeps the stern of the  kayak from riding lower in the water as it’s paddled forward.

The Greenlander Pro is one of NDK’s range of hard chined kayaks based on traditional Inuit design. It has a keyhole cockpit, and is suitable for the medium to large sized paddler.

NDK Sizing

General "fit" ranges according to paddler weight, for all of MIKCo's NDK models.

NDK Design

Why Consider an NDK Sea Kayak?  What is Unique About Nigel Dennis Designs?

Colors & Options

NDK remains committed to building highly customized sea kayaks for paddlers. Special layups, colors, and graphics are just a few options from a range of performance features.

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."    Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows