Tiderace Kayaks

Tiderace was formed in 2006 by Dave Felton, who joined forces with sea kayak designer, Aled Williams. Their partnership combined a wealth of experience and knowledge in materials technologies, construction techniques, manufacturing processes, and the use of computer-aided design.

Tiderace Design & Construction


Early Tiderace designs were made in wood strip to create the original master shape. These are now cut directly from a computer file by a computer controlled milling machine. The accuracy of this system ensures that boats are symmetrical and match the original design. Each boat is then evaluated, comparing computer drawn design characteristics with real-world boat performance and paddler feedback. This evaluation process, and the fact that the designers regularly paddle their own designs, inspires Tiderace to constantly refine performance elements and develop new concepts.

CONSTRUCTIONTiderace G-Core diagram

Tiderace kayaks are made with strong, durable, lightweight materials including carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. These composite boats feature Tiderace Core Technology: a multi-layer laminate with an additional resin-supported core in the middle. This core keeps the surfaces apart and makes the laminate stiff. The outer skin is robust enough to withstand puncturing, while the core is sufficiently dense enough to withstand crushing. These performance laminates create significantly stronger, stiffer, and lighter kayaks, far exceeding the typical industry standard.

Wet laminate deck, vacuum hull

The most affordable of the Tiderace constructions, G-Core uses a biaxial glass cloth to encapsulate the resin-supported core material. Biaxial cloths have straight fibers running in two diagonal directions. These dense, straight fibers increase the fiber to resin ratio and add stiffness to the laminate. Extra reinforcing is employed in high stress areas.

G-Core Lite
Vacuum, full core deck and hull

G-Core Lite has a lightweight core throughout both hull and deck. Fewer glass layers can be used, so weight is reduced while stiffness is maintained by the resin supported core. This laminate is the least robust of the Tiderace range, but the lighter weight provides easier handling. The stiffness is ideal for racing, fitness training, or light fast touring.

Vacuum deck and hull

The toughest and most durable of the Tiderace constructions: multiple layers create a puncture resistant glass skin outside the core. Employing only glass on the outside of the laminate makes for easy repairs. Inside, a high tensile layer of carbon/kevlar resists deformation and absorbs heavy impacts. As with all Tiderace constructions, the inside is covered with a fine glass cloth to resist foot abrasion in the cockpit.



The Xcite is Tiderace’s original playboat for the sea.

It surfs; it carves; it edges. The boat’s composure in rough water is legendary, giving paddlers a feeling of security and invincibility rarely found in other designs. Easily capable of light touring, the Xcite’s maneuverability coupled with stability make it a go-anywhere,  take-on-anything sea kayak. The Xcite has ample speed to get you where you want to go, while its seaworthy design lets you enjoy the rough-stuff along the way. The cockpit ergonomics transfer a wealth of feedback back to the paddler. The smaller size of the Xcite S makes it an excellent rolling kayak; in the right hands, this boat is capable of performing all the competition Greenland rolls.
MIKCo has in-stock:

Xcite Standard G-Core  - Color: White/Black Stripe; Weight: 56 lbs; Price: $4299

Available for demo:

Xcite S G-Core Lite - Color: White; Weight: 46 lb

Sizes & Recommended Paddler Weights

  • S: LOA 16’5” Width 19.5”; Paddler 120-175 lbs.
  • Standard: LOA 17’5”; Width 21.25”; Paddler 165-210 lbs.
Tiderace Xtra


The Xtra is a shorter, nimble, yet stable sea kayak designed for surf and rock hopping.

It’s hull has a hard chined midsection for outstanding surfing. Plenty of rocker adds to boat control. This forward thinking design results in quick acceleration for bursting through the eddyline or initiating a surf, excellent stability for carving bottom turns, and loose ends for quick cut-backs. Like all Tiderace sea kayaks, the Xtra is designed to keep pace with the group on a day trip. Or load up your camping kit and paddle to your favorite remote play spot. The Xtra easily handles the sea in all conditions.
MIKCo has in-stock:

Xtra HV Hardcore - Color: Red/Black Stripe; Weight 54 lbs; Price: $4799

Available for demo:

Xtra HV G-Core - Color: Blue/Black Stripe; Weight 57 lbs

Sizes & Recommended Paddler Weights

  • Standard: LOA 16’7”; Width 22”; Paddler 140-200 lbs.
  • HV: LOA 16’7”; Width 22.25”; Paddler 175-220 lbs.
Tiderace Xplore


These are seaworthy expedition kayaks that are also fun to paddle on day trips.

Computer designed hulls are honed to provide efficient cruising above 4 knots. Speed, coupled with generous load carrying capacity, have made the Xplore a favorite with adventurers all over the world. Cockpit foredecks are relatively high, enabling a dynamic and commanding paddling position. The Xplore’s ability to accelerate quickly to catch a wave, along with its precise edging control, make it well suited for the accomplished kayaker.
MIKCo has in-stock:

Xplore L G-Core - Color: Blue/Black Stripe; Weight 59 lbs; Price $4299

Available for demo:

Xplore M G-Core - Color: White/Black Stripe; Weight: 59 lbs

Sizes & Recommended Paddler Weights

  • S: LOA 17’4”; Width 20”; Paddler 130-185 lbs.
  • M: LOA 17’4”; Width 21.25”; Paddler 165-210 lbs.
  • L: LOA 18’; Width 21.25”; Paddler 175-220 lbs.
  • X: LOA 18’; Width 24”; Paddler 185-240 lbs.

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