Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany Sport RM

NDK Sport and Sportive

“It tracks great, surfs well and is an over-all really fun boat to paddle. I gave it a 10.” review
NDK Sport

“A Romany that mortal paddlers can take around rocks without worrying about doing loads of damage to a composite hull. Like the composite counterpart, the Romany Sport RM is a solid, easy-handling kayak that gives back every ounce of effort you put into maneuvering… it’s at the top of its class.”    Jake S.

Tidal races, rock gardens, or your go-to surfing spot: Nigel Dennis Kayaks’ Romany Sport and Sportive perform. Developed from the unrivaled Romany Surf, these boats are in a different league from other rotomolded (RM) sea kayaks. Yet they retail at a very attractive price point. The Sport fits medium to large sized paddlers, while the new Sportive is designed for the smaller paddler. Both the Sport and Sportive are constructed of a single layer super linear polyethylene rotomold that is much more rigid than comparable weight single layer boats. In addition, they are fitted with fiberglass cockpit rims and seats.

No other manufacturer in the world offers hybrid construction sea kayaks.

These elements provide a rigid environment when you’re playing in the sea. You have greater connectivity with your boat, so it feels more like paddling a composite kayak. But if things don’t go as planned… contact with rocks will be absorbed by a tough plastic hull and deck.

NDK Romany Line-Up

From front to back: Romany Classic Standard Expedition Layup, Romany Surf Standard Expedition Layup, Romany Sport RM

NDK Romany Line-Up

“This kayak has taken me by surprise. It’s stiff, tough, and the connectivity is amazingly good… Now I take the Sport more often than any other kayak.”

The Sport and Sportive have moderately boxy rails, which provide good stability. Flattish hulls promote better surfing characteristics, and also help in a following sea. The Sport and Sportive have double-walled foam fore and aft bulkheads with full hatches; day hatches are fitted with composite rims, which ease securing hatch covers. Seats have adjustable backbands; seat height and reach are also customizable - not the norm with RM kayaks.

NDK Sport Composite Cockpit Rim


  • Length: 16’4”
  • Width: 21”
  • Height (front of combing): 11.5”
Nigel Dennis Kayaks Sport


  • Length: 15’7”
  • Width: 21”
  • Height (front of combing): 11”
NDK Quantum 5050

NDK Quantum is Here

Designed by Peter Major. Built by Sea Kayaking UK (SKUK).

Maine Island Kayak Co just unloaded the new Quantum:

a fast expedition kayak with a huge load carrying capacity. Its long waterline and straight rocker enable the Quantum to cut through sea conditions quickly and easily. The hull has a Swede form, meaning the widest point is behind the cockpit. Thus the Quantum is stable, even when lightly loaded.

New NDKs
Peter Major with the Quantum

“The stern skids down the face, so you start surfing really early… you get a dry ride as well, because the stern has massive volume.”

Peter Major, Quantum’s designer, explained that his design has a plumb bow, nearly straight up and down. This helps the boat to keep going straight, even in a headwind. The Quantum handles chop and wind well, and is stable in a crosswind. The hull design allows for especially good glide. When in waves, Major says, “The stern skids down the face, so you start surfing really early… you get a dry ride as well, because the stern has massive volume.”

Unique Rudder Design

The Quantum rudder system is a design innovation in sea kayaks. The full depth blade self-centers into a recess in the back deck when you retract it. (Conventional rudder blades often stick up from the back of the kayak, making them vulnerable to damage. They can be an impediment when towing, and even dangerous during rescues.)

NDK Quantum folding rudder

The smooth lines and lack of exposed sharp edges on the Quantum allow you to tow when you need to and surf when you want to. You can land the Quantum and empty it without worrying about damage to the rudder. The rudder is controlled by an adjustable bar, which provides solid placement for your feet to push against.

"My first impression was of a very smooth ride. The kayak was not loaded but didn’t feel at all twitchy. In fact, I felt at home in it straightaway and would have liked more time to play. It felt incredibly minimalist and had no angles or edges. The rudder system was flawless and easy to use."    British Sea Kayaks reviewer

Expedition fittings are standard on the Quantum:

oval front and rear hatches, a day hatch, and a compass recess. Recessed deck fittings and well-placed deck lines provide secure stowage for spare paddles and other essentials. The optional self-bailer is a unique feature on the Quantum. This is fitted to the cockpit area and it is possible to empty a relatively full cockpit in under a hundred strokes.

NDK Quantum

Quantum: an expedition kayak for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

View a description and specifications of MIKCo's new Quantum.


  • Length: 18’
  • Length at waterline: 18’
  • Width: 21.6”
  • Width at waterline: 19”
  • Total volume: approx 424 liters
NDK Quantum

First NDKs of 2018 to Arrive

~ including the new Quantum and Echo.

Before they’re ever paddled in North American waters, Nigel Dennis Kayaks travel across the ocean.


From their beginnings in Anglesey, Wales, NDKs are loaded into shipping containers for the voyage across the often stormy North Atlantic. Putting together a container begins months in advance. Detailed custom orders are written up,

Container ship

 checked, and finalized by retailers. The orders are reviewed and compiled by the Eastern US importers, and a container is “filled”. Fluctuating exchange rates between the British pound and the US dollar require further calculation.

The labor-intensive boat-building process ensues. Nigel Dennis Kayaks are all built by hand. Custom orders are the norm rather than the exception, adding time to the equation. When the kayaks are cured and ready to be shipped, they are protected with layers of bubble wrap, encased in a heavy-duty plastic bag, and secured with miles of packing tape. Boats are actually hung in the container to mitigate damage, the result resembling a giant sized tin of bubble-wrapped sardines.

Unloading NDKs
Containers overboard

There are approximately 33 million containers in the world, according to the UK Telegraph. The World Shipping Council estimates that on average 1,679 containers are lost at sea each year, or 4.6 per day. Fortunately for NDK paddlers, this year’s first container of Nigel Dennis Kayaks sailed from the UK after Storm Emma and the “Beast from the East” unleashed their combined fury.


One of the most famous lost container incidents involved a container of rubber ducks. After a container of 29,000 plastic yellow ducks, red beavers, blue turtles and green frogs was washed into the Pacific in 1992, the toys began appearing on beaches around the world, from the west coast of the United States, to South America, Australia, and by 2007, Europe. The movement of the ducks was used by oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer to map global ocean currents.


Maine Island Kayak Co is expecting the new Quantum and Echo to arrive in late March, along with our custom ordered and retail boats.

Come demo the Quantum and Echo

 - or try out classics such as the Romany and Explorer from the largest NDK demo fleet in North America. You may find just the right boat for your coastal touring, rock hopping... or for drifting along and mapping ocean currents.

Nigel Dennis at Tybee Island