Aquarius satellite

Aquarius Ocean Circulation

Until now, researchers did not have a full set of data on ocean salinity and how it impacts climate change. This video from NASA explains how Aquarius salinity data, combined with data from other sensors that measure sea level, ocean color, temperature, winds, and rainfall, will give us a much clearer picture of how the ocean works.Continue reading

Climate Change Risk Zone map

Rising Seas: How will they affect you?

June 21, 2016

Casco Bay waters rose by an unprecedented 5 inches during a peak period during 2009-2010.Sea water under docks

Many cities and communities in Maine and beyond are starting to plan for the impacts of sea level rise on their infrastructures, homes, and businesses. Between 4.2 million and 13.1 million US residents could be displaced by sea level rise by the year 2100, according to a study published in Nature Climate Change.Continue reading