Sea kayaker going into rough surf by rocks

BCU 5 Star Training

Maine Island Kayak Co, Peaks Island, Maine

BCU Coaches: Steve Maynard & Tom Bergh

Participants: Jeff B, Thomas H, Jed L, Ned O, Chris P, Charles P, and Bill Z

I had wondered about BCU 5 Star training since the days of my first sea kayak lessons. You know, we’ve all heard stories about people who have actually passed the 5 Star test and lived to talk about it: mythical paddlers who don’t need food, water or sleep and can live for days in their boats with hardly a concern for the weather. You hear about how they do battle with huge surf and high winds, sea monsters and horrifying races that mere mortals couldn’t possibly handle… you know the stories can’t be true, but somehow…the image stays with you.Continue reading

The Glide

The Glide and Boat Speed

July 4, 2016

We all appreciate a ‘fast’ boat. The following training exercise is suggested to help increase your speed over a day’s paddle.

All our 15’-18’ Greenland style sea kayaks slice our waters at average rates of speed when considering the range of kayaks. Our touring boats are way faster than 6’ whitewater play boats, but slower than a 20’ surf ski. (And I’ll wager Greg Barton could paddle our daily-use sea kayaks at nearly twice our average travel speeds.)

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Paddle Power

Paddle Power

June 17, 2016

Powering the Kayak

Two of us are paddling along the undeveloped coast of Great Diamond Island. Noticing that my student is allowing too much of his paddle effort to be absorbed by his body, we work on “driving the boat forward”.Continue reading