Women’s Courses

Maine Island Kayak Women ~

A Different Approach to Sea Kayaking

Building our skills on the water develops our competence as paddlers. As our abilities increase, our confidence grows. Learning how to plan and problem solve, we become "captains of our own ships". It is a journey we take both as individuals and as a community of women, empowering each other as we expand our horizons.

MIKCo Women's Sea Kayak Course

A day on the water is always fun when shared with other adventurous women!


Sea Skills for Women

Saturday, July 13 - Sunday, July 14

Saturday - Getting Started | Sunday - A Journey

Two special days for women of building  comfort, skills, and confidence on the water. Sign up for either day - or both!

Day 1 we will focus on building basic strokes for propulsion, maneuvering, and support and recovery, and then linking those strokes while paddling in a variety of sea conditions. Day 2 we will journey out of the harbor to develop observation and understanding of sea states, waves, and tidal flows. Course is full!

Women Sea Kayaking in Baja, Mexico

We're not only building paddling skills; we're building friendships and a community.

MIKCo's Classroom

Planning for the day in MIKCo's "Classroom"

Sea Kayak Rescue Practice

Rescue practice makes us more competent and capable paddlers.


Kayak Camping

Immersing in the beauty of the Maine islands connects us to our environment - and to ourselves.

Casco Bay Women's Kayak Camping Expedition

Sunday, August 4 - Tuesday, August 6

A new adventure offering for women! Island camping along the Maine Island Trail, navigation, trip planning, decision-making, sea skills, and exploring the beautiful islands of the Maine coast.

Trip is full!

Loreto Islands Women's Adventure 2020

with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico

April 4 - 9, 2020

See our Baja page for more details and registration information.

Baja. It's about getting out there and enjoying being on islands with kayaks. Challenging yourself, exploring or relaxing. Although you can learn a lot about kayaking, our trip is about much more than paddling. It's about connecting with this amazing environment, and connecting with ourselves.

Loreto Islands Women's Adventure
Fair Winds and Following Seas

Fair winds and following seas on the Sea of Cortez.

Our Loreto Islands Women's Adventure takes place in the Loreto National Marine Park on Carmen and Danzante Islands. Featured in UNESCO’s World Heritage list of the Islands of the Gulf, these islands are called the richest and most varied of any island-sea property: in other words, the highest wow-per-stroke factor.

A lesson in tying knots to keep the sunshade taut.

"The only real security is not insurance or money or a job, not a house and furniture paid for, or a retirement fund, and never is it another person. It is the skill and humor and courage within - the ability to build your own fires and find your own peace."  Audrey Sutherland

Paddling North

In a tale remarkable for its quiet confidence and acute natural observation, Paddling North begins with Audrey Sutherland's decision, at age 60, to undertake a solo, summer-long voyage along the southeast coast of Alaska in an inflatable kayak. Paddling North is a compilation of Sutherland's first two (of over 20) such annual trips and her day-by-day travels through the Inside Passage from Ketchikan to Skagway.