NDKs lined up on Kayak Beach

Thoughts on Fitting, Demoing and Choosing a Sea Kayak

by Tom Bergh of Maine Island Kayak Co, Peaks Island, Maine

Sea kayak designs abound in our world. The following thoughts are offered to assist you in evaluating any kayak you paddle. With so many designs and models to choose from, which kayak is “the best”? It’s my hope to help you plot a positive and useful course through this exercise.

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Paddling Greenland-style

To paddle, or not…?

They write:

"Self-policing among many in the outdoor community has seen us reminding each other to avoid putting others at risk by congregating in the outdoors, and by putting ourselves at risk by engaging in backcountry activities that may see us injured and consuming medical resources best preserved for the fight against COVID-19.

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Young man photo by Alex Mercier

Seven Practices to Help You Navigate Quarantine

Featured image by Alex Mercier.

Excerpted from an article by Scott T Allison Ph.D., published in Psychology Today.

How the Wisdom of 12-Step Programs Can Help Get Us Through April

Are 12-Step programs are only designed to help people recover from addiction? Yes and no.

It turns out that handling an addiction problem has much in common with handling the next month at home in isolation during a pandemic. 12-Step programs are designed to promote emotional well-being, not just physical sobriety. Here are some of the steps in Al-Anon 12-Step program that can help all of us to not just weather the storm, but to flourish during it.

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NDK Pilgrim Carbon Kevlar

NDK Kayak Fitting and Clean Boat Delivery in a COVID-19 Time

March 28, 2020

Custom-Ordered Boats and other New Boat Purchases

COVID-19’s first wave hit just as your and our new set of NDKs were unloaded from our pre-season container and stashed either on Peaks or in MIKCo’s Portland warehouse. FYI, all boats we ordered were received, with no apparent shipping damage, and all sit in dry, protected storage until we get your new boat(s) to you.  

While we’re all figuring out and adjusting to this Brave New World of reduced movement and ‘sheltering in place’, I have prepped and delivered a couple of our paddler’s custom-ordered brand new NDKs - in what I believe is likely a safe handling process. Below I’ve set out our suggested Covid-new-boat-prep-and-delivery process. If you are comfortable with this method of transfer, then let’s talk it out. I’m guessing that some of you hope to paddle before this COVID-19 pandemic ends sometime well into the summer. If you’re a buyer of one of our new MIKCo in-stock retail boats, the same process applies.

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