Splash Out! Women's Sea Kayakaing

A Women's Sea Kayaking Spree

Sunday, July 15, 2018 ~ 8:30 to 4:30

Peaks Island, Maine

Join us for this special day of all women's sea kayaking. It’s about empowerment, success, and building our community. Together we’ll increase our boat handling and seawomanship skills, expanding our comfort level and safety box. No competition, nobody gets left behind, no right or wrong - just better. Learning, sharing, adventuring and fun in an amazing ocean environment.


Prelude: Introduction, Boat Fitting, and Yoga Warm-Up 

Morning: Strokes and Skills Savvy

We’ll start with the fundamentals basic to all our strokes, regardless of our level. Working together, building confidence and comfort, we'll offer you a progression to practice.

Lunch: Island Time!

We will serve up a wholesome, delicious picnic lunch to enjoy together, while opening the “table” to discussions on Gender and Gear.

Paddling Ladies
Chin Up!

Afternoon: Bracing on to the Beach

Sea conditions will be changing as the tide cycle turns. We may test our new skills in more lively water, or simply observe and begin to understand the dynamics we see taking place. We’ll have the opportunity to practice what we’ve learned as we paddle back to the beach.

Encore: Rockin’ and Rolling

It’s a balancing act. In the shallow, protected area by the beach we’ll learn new ways of falling out of boats and getting back in, together and on our own! And if you’re ready, we’re ready to coach you on your way to rolling. These exercises connect us to our boat's secondary stability, develop awareness and connection from our blade through our body to the boat, and move us toward successful and repeatable bracing and rolling.

Wrapping it Up: With Chocolate!

We’ll gather to review our day together and restore our energy.

You are welcome to bring as much of your own equipment and gear as you would like. Included is the use of Maine Island Kayak Co’s expedition grade sea-kayaks, all kayaking gear, rescue and safety equipment, paddling clothing (wetsuits and jackets), study materials and special extras. We will provide lunch and a late afternoon snack.

If you’re arriving on Sunday, you should plan to take the 7:45 am ferry from Portland. Ferries leave on time and parking on the mainland requires extra time. We will meet you at the ferry dock on Peaks Island when you when you arrive.

For all, we will gather on Kayak Beach promptly at 8:30 am.

Group size for Splash Out! is limited. Cost is $150 for the full day, all inclusive.


Cancellations & Refunds: The Fine Print

Splash Out! has a 6 person minimum. If MIKCo cancels a course due to too few participants or due to unsafe weather or sea conditions, we’ll send you a full refund. If you cancel with 21 days notice, we’ll send you a full refund less a $35 administrative fee, 75% of the total cost with 14-20 days notice, 50% of the total cost with 8-13 days notice, but no refund if you cancel with less than 7 days notice – unless we are able to fill your spot from a waiting list.

Health Insurance: We recommend that you have health  insurance, as you are responsible for any medical costs incurred.

Miscellaneous: Under 18 years of age requires special parental consent and minor forms. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone we feel is a risk to themselves or others.

Your Coaches
Pam Powers
Pam Powers

Greenland roller, wooden boat builder and paddle maker, Pam enjoys sharing her talents with others.

Robin Read
Robin Read

BCU Coach and ACA Instructor. With her line-up of certifications, Robin can help you take your sea kayaking skills wherever you want to go.

Liz Johnson
Liz Johnson

Registered Maine Guide, BCU, ACA, and ISKGA qualifications. Liz is committed to empowering women in the outdoors.



"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."    Michelle Obama