Multi-Day Trips

Downeast Maine

Set out with us on an Overnight Journey

Maine Island Kayak Co plans custom sea kayaking trips for your group of four or more. We'd like to help you decide if the wonders and joys that make up this particularly unique form of wilderness travel are what you are seeking. Our multi-day trip destinations are suited for athletic beginner and intermediate paddlers, under the watchful eye and seamanship of our Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guides. The multi-day format gives you a chance to immerse more deeply into the local wonders of Casco Bay, or to venture out into Maine’s Downeast coastal waters. Bring your enthusiasm; we’ll do the rest. For self-supported trips, see our Outfitting page. Some of our trip destinations are outlined below.


Paddling from our base on Peaks Island, we’ll wander past lighthouses, through protected passages, along rocky cliffs, beneath Civil War era forts, past seal covered ledges to island retreats. We land in hidden pocket beaches, maybe stop at an island ice cream store before adventuring out to explore the old forts on Jewel Island’s varied shores. Perhaps you’ll paddle across the stronger tidal flow of Broad Sound to visit Admiral Peary’s island hideout. Casco Bay contains over 200 of Maine’s 2000 islands, a rich geological and human history, and a tremendous variety of paddling. It is a great area for experimenting with your readiness and skill set before adventuring further Downeast.


Immerse yourself in the astonishing geological history of the Gulf of Maine from the seat of your kayak. Spend your days exploring and studying the natural science, marine life, oceanography and social history of one of the principal fisheries on Earth. Develop your understanding of the important ecological, political, and economic realities of humankind’s interaction with the sea while developing your own seamanship. One of the reasons some of us kayak is to gain an understanding and appreciation for the marine world around us.


kayak camping in Penobscot BayLaunch from the historical fishing port of Stonington: once a quarrying center for the granite that built many public buildings from Boston to New York. Paddle out through the protection of magnificent dome shaped and pastured islands sprinkled with delicate white shell beaches. Hear seals barking, porpoises breathing, and loons cooing. If you are confident and experienced, with favorable weather and tides, maybe you’ll paddle the bold cliffs and booming ledges of the unknown part of Acadia National Park, Isle au Haut, a year round home to a few dozen committed souls.



Come paddle the pristine, cold, magnificent waters on this edge of Downeast Maine where the tides are greater, the water cooler, the people friendlier, and the birds are thick as the fog. This 200 island archipelago is mostly conservancy land protecting exotic flora and fauna. It is stunning down here, though often foggy. Paddle out beyond the maddening crowd through Pig Gut to Mistake Island Light, and perhaps paddle along the wonders of The Nature Conservancy’s Great Wass Island. Notice the large elephants marching along the ebbing tide out to sea. Be prepared for more rugged camping, we prefer the rocks.


We found that certain archipelagos in Maine were excellent for families seeking a kayak experience together. Emphasis is on the island experience more than the mileage: hike the coastlines, delve into magical tidal pools, rest on hidden pocket beaches, explore old forts from the 1700’s, and paddle beneath historically important lighthouses. Double kayaks are easier to pack, are more stable, and allow mom or dad to do most of the work. Or maybe you’ve hard working older kids who want to experience the freedom of a single kayak.

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