Maine Island Kayak Co. Since 1986.

For more than 30 years, Maine Island Kayak Co. has helped people get out on the water and discover the joys of sea kayaking: connecting to ourselves and the amazing ocean environment. From Baja to Alaska, from Antarctica to our base on Peaks Island, Maine, we've explored the world's oceans. Visit our Photo Galleries to share those adventures, then come make one of your own with us!

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Who’s Who at Maine Island Kayak Co.

The heart and soul of MIKCo is our core team of great instructors, guides, and staff. We are small boat sea paddlers, passionate about the ocean and enthusiastic about sharing our experiences. As Registered Maine Guides, American Canoe Association (ACA) and British Canoeing (BC) trained instructors, we are committed to giving you personal attention and quality instruction that we know works out on the sea in our small boats. We feel very thankful to have some of the following paddlers, coaches, and guides around each year. We think these folks are simply some of the best around!

Come get a paddle wet with us...

Tom Bergh
Tom Bergh
Founded MIKCo in 1986

Master Maine Sea Kayak Guide, Founder Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides & Instructors (MASKGI), Maine Sea Kayak Guide Board Examiner. Along with Nigel Dennis and Stan Chladek, Tom successfully circumnavigated Nelson Island in the South Shetland Islands by sea kayak in 2000: see Paddling Antarctica. It was the first unsupported expedition of its kind.

Joe Dupont
Joe Dupont
At the helm of Maine Island Kayak Outfitters

Master Maine Sea Kayak Guide, Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides & Instructors, UK Coaching Certification Level 1.


Liz Johnson sea kayaking
Liz Johnson

Liz truly enjoys helping others build confidence and skills while learning to assess conditions in outdoor environments. She is a Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide, ACA Instructor, and has British Canoeing and International Sea Kayak Guides Association certifications. When not on the sea, Liz is MIKCo's website maven. In winter, she has worked as a PSIA alpine skiing instructor and adaptive skiing volunteer. (Photo by  Lynne Basileo.)

portrait of guide wearing sunhat
Jim Bowler

Registered Maine Guide, Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides & Instructors, Wilderness First Aid. From climbing redwoods to guiding customers coast to coast, Jim has a wealth of experience and an enthusiasm for adventure that is infectious.

Joe Guglielmetti
Joe Guglielmetti

Joe is a Maine guide and ACA open water sea kayak instructor. He is also a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Zambia 07-09), and a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). Joe has paddled expeditions as far away as Fiji and Zambia, and has paddled the entire coast of Maine. Joe enjoys bringing people into the marine environment, and he calls the sea his therapist. His favorite place to bring clients is under the Cushing Island Cliffs, where guillemots nest above the open sea. (Photo by  Johnathan Oltz.)

Nick DelPrete
Nick DelPrete

Nick comes to MIKCo from southern Massachusetts where he learned to paddle and began to teach sea kayaking. While at the University of Maine Orono he delved deeply into the world of whitewater kayaking and now enjoys paddling on rivers and finding any stash of rough water while sea kayaking. Registered Maine guide since 2018, Nick spends time guiding in the waters of Penobscot Bay, Casco Bay, and occasionally runs to Prince William Sound (Alaska) to get his fix of icy water and sea otters.

Christopher Audet
Christopher Audet

Christopher has been kayaking since 1997. Since the first time he sat in a kayak, he has been passionate about sharing his love of the sport with anyone who will listen. He is an ACA L4 coastal kayaking instructor, ACA L4 Whitewater Kayaking Instructor and has earned his BCU 4Star award. He is also a Master Maine Sea Kayaking Guide and a licensed Maine Recreation Guide. Christopher is on the P&H Custom Sea Kayaks Pro Paddling Team. He is truly happiest when he is sharing time on the water with friends and students. When not on the water, he is the Athletic Trainer and Outdoor Educator for Camden Hills Regional High School. Chris is the lead singer in Balance, the Van Halen Tribute band.


Nigel Dennis of Sea Kayaking UK
Nigel Dennis

Owner of Sea Kayaking UK, Nigel completed the first ever sea kayak circumnavigation of Great Britain together with Paul Caffyn. Since then Nigel has carried out expeditions in Antarctica with Tom Bergh and Stan Chladek, Easter Island, and a televised expedition around Cape Horn.

Cheri Perry, Greenland rolling coach
Cheri Perry

Cheri is widely regarded as one of the best Greenland-style kayak rollers in the world. She competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in both 2004 and 2005, in events ranging from rolling to individual and relay races, winning a dozen gold medals.

Turner Wilson, Greenland Kayaking Coach
Turner Wilson

Turner and Cheri are partners in Kayak Ways LLC, a venture based on the notion that the traditional kayaking skills of the Inuit seal catchers offer valuable lessons for the modern day recreational kayaker. For the past nine years, Cheri and Turner have traveled worldwide teaching these uniquely consistent and practical kayaking skills.

Greg Stamer, World Class Sea Kayaker
Greg Stamer

One of sea kayaking's great expeditions, Greg has circumnavigated Iceland (with a trip partner) and Newfoundland (solo), using a carbon Greenland paddle. Both circumnavigations were done in record time. Greg is the founder and past-president of Qajaq USA. He recently won the solo expedition kayak class in the Everglades Challenge, a 300 mile race from Tampa to Key Largo, Florida.

Ginni Callahan, Sea Kayak Baja Mexico
Ginni Callahan

Ginni founded and operates Sea Kayak Baja Mexico. She is certified by the BCU as a 5-Star Advanced Sea Leader, a Sea Leader Course Provider, and a Coach Tutor, and by the ACA as Level 5 Coastal Instructor. Ginni writes regularly for Ocean Paddler Magazine.

Dan Segal, Qajaq USA
Dan Segal

A longtime member of the Walden Qajaq Society and a Board member of Qajaq USA: Dan enjoys helping others get as much pleasure out of Greenland-style paddling as he does.

Vernon Doucette paddling a Nordkapp HS
Vernon Doucette

Vernon is Qajaq USA's archivist and Journal editor and an inveterate collector of arctic books, ephemera and knowledge. He is a Canadian by birth, a former Outward Bound Instructor, and guides in Nova Scotia.

Ben Fuller, Master boatsman and Greenland Kayaker
Ben Fuller

A Master Maine Guide and ACA Open Water Instructor, Ben likes to integrate as much of Greenland paddling technique as possible into "straight" sea paddling. When he's not paddling skinny boats, Ben sails, ice-boats, and is a skipper for the Maine Island Trail Association.

Ernie Forgione, Registered Maine Guide
Ernie Forgione

Registered Maine Guide, Greenland Qajaq builder.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”    T.S. Eliot