Celtic Paddles

sea kayaking by the rocky shore of Peaks Island, Maine

Celtic paddles are MIKCo's paddle of choice.

Celtic paddles are available in a wide range of blade sizes, shapes, and shaft options. At Maine Island Kayak, we prefer paddles in the 200-215cm length range. Shorter paddles allow for easier control. We build custom 1, 2, 3, or 4-piece paddles. Ask us about how the various blade shapes can enhance your personal paddling style.

Celtic Carbon Blades

Celtic  carbon blades are made from 16 layers of material pressed together, resulting in a strong, thin blade.

Celtic Joins

Celtic's multi-piece paddles use either a Paddlok ™  or Leverlok system.

  • The Paddlok ™ system allows you to mix and match blades and shafts, and allows the paddle to be easily broken down for transportation. The Paddlok system uses the Paddlok button which works like a miniature jack; when the key is tightened, the male portion of the joint expands forming a reliable joint that gives Celtic paddles their solid "one-piece paddle feel". Only gentle pressure is required to lock your paddle blades and shafts together. After use in salt water, we recommend flushing the buttons and spigots with fresh water to prevent salt crystal accumulation.
  • The Leverlok center join allows for length and infinite feather adjustment.
Celtic paddle

"The blade just slices into the water - with no effort at all."  Jon G.

The Celtic Leverlok system allows quick and easy adjustment to paddle length and feather.

Celtic kayak paddle

Celtic Kinetik Touring Blades

One of our go-to blades, the Celtic Kinetic Touring blade performs well in a wide variety of conditions. The blades are pressed, which enables them to slice cleanly into the water. This maximizes the catch of each stroke, translating into more pulling power per stroke.

Kinetik Touring blades are available in the following lengths:

  • The Kinetik 600 has the smallest surface area of the Kinetik range. The blade enables the paddler to increase their stroke rate while maintaining efficiency. This blade is ideally suited to the smaller paddler.
  • The Kinetik 650 is the mid-range blade that suits medium size paddlers. It is extremely efficient and delivers much more power than its modest size would suggest.
  • The Kinetik 700 is the original Kinetik sized blade, ideally suited to experienced sea kayakers. The down-tilted geometry produces great initial power, which aids maneuvering in rock gardens. A blade with outstanding acceleration, it excels in the surf and strong currents.
  • The Kinetik 750 is the largest Kinetik blade, best for strong paddlers. A versatile blade, the 750 is suitable for touring, surfing and marathon racing, and offers maximum power and efficiency.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."    Robert Brault