Celtic Paddles

sea kayaking by the rocky shore of Peaks Island, Maine

CelticCeltic paddles are MIKCo's paddle of choice.

At Maine Island Kayak, we prefer paddles in the 200-215cm range. Shorter paddles allow for easier control. In addition to our ready-made paddles, we can build your custom 1, 2, 3, or 4 piece paddle.

Celtic blades are made from 16 layers of material pressed together, resulting in a strong, thin blade.

Celtic's multi-piece paddles use either a Switch Lock or a Paddlok ™ system. The Paddlok allows for quick and easy adjustments to both length and feather.

Celtic paddles are available in a wide range of blade sizes and shaft options. Talk to us about how the various blade shapes can enhance your personal paddling style.

"The blade just slices into the water - with no effort at all."  Jon G.

The Celtic Paddlok™ System can be easily and quickly adjusted.

Celtic kayak paddle

Celtic Kinetik Touring One-Piece Paddles

One of our go-to paddles, the Celtic Kinetic Touring blade performs well in a wide variety of conditions. The blades are pressed, which enables them to slice cleanly into the water. This maximizes the catch of each stroke, translating into more pulling power per stroke. Paired with a one-piece shaft, the paddle will be lighter and more flexible than multi-piece paddles.


We have one-piece Kinetik Touring paddles available in the following lengths:

Blade Size/Shaft Length:                 

575 cm²/200 cm OR 204 cm

650 cm²/204 cm OR 208 cm

700 cm²/208 cm

750 cm²/ 214 cm

Celtic Kinetik Touring Blades

575, 650, 700 and 750 cm²

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."    Robert Brault