Custom Fitting

"Contact is Confidence"

Contact with our boat breeds confidence in conditions. Nigel's excellent keyhole cockpit shapes are easily customized for the size, shape, hip flexibility, and skill range of our paddlers. We have over 25 years of experience in fitting boats to our purchaser's particulars: a solid value that 95% of our paddlers request. In our world, Contact is Confidence.

Tom Bergh delves further into the importance of kayak fit in his article,  Thoughts on Fitting, Demoing and Choosing a Sea Kayak.

All new full price boat sales include custom-cut hip and thigh pads for enhanced contact between you and your boat, and front bulkhead foam for paddlers with custom front bulkheads. This is a personalized process that usually takes half a day. There is a significant difference between a custom fitted boat and off-the-shelf pads. We believe the distinction brings our world class boats into a league of their own.

Custom foam for NDK Explorer
Custom Foam
"I've got contact all the way, especially at my knees."

-Alison S.

Custom Fitting an NDK Surf
Backband with foam supports
Custom Foam Fitting Greenland Kayak
Custom Fitting NDK

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