NDK Echo

Come demo the brand new Echo from Nigel Dennis Kayaks.

This model is available for Fall '18 preseason order.

NDK Echo
Nigel Dennis Kayaks Echo
NDK Echo and Pilgrim LV

The Echo is Nigel Dennis Kayak’s new expedition and play kayak for smaller paddlers, designed to handle well in surf and rough water. The Echo was designed in response to the growing number of paddlers who wanted a lower-volume Pilgrim Expedition. The result is a fast, fun, playful boat that behaves beautifully in the wind.

The Echo offers a lower deck and tighter fit than the Pilgrim or Pilgrim Expedition, and features NDK's smaller cockpit for those paddlers 90 – 150 lbs. Intended to replace the custom cut-down (LV) versions of  two Pilgrims, it eliminates the excess rocker resulting from post mold, deck height reduction. The Echo, like the Romany, approaches that "all use" performance design; and it shines in Greenland rolling.

Features of the Pilgrim series are inherent in the Echo. Knee bumps just forward of the cockpit provide extra room for long legs or for adjusting your seating position further forward. The cockpit size remains the same as the Pilgrim range. The Echo’s volume has been reduced, resulting in a very low-profile sea kayak.