A fast expedition kayak with a huge load carrying capacity.

The Quantum's long waterline and straight rocker enable it to cut through sea conditions quickly and easily. The hull has a Swede form, meaning the widest point is behind the cockpit. Thus the Quantum is stable, even when lightly loaded.

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We have a brand new Quantum available for you to demo. Call Tom at (207) 232-6733 to arrange an appointment.


NDK Quantum 50/50 Hybrid

Demo Model - inquire about pricing

MIKCo has the new Quantum from Nigel Dennis Kayaks as a demo model. This Hybrid 50/50 layup combines a carbon kevlar deck, seat and bulkheads for less weight with a fiberglass expedition hull for strength and resilience to rough use. The striking yellow colorway enhances visibility, especially in foggy conditions.

  • LOA: 18'; Width: 21.6"
  • Layup: Hybrid 50/50 with carbon kevlar deck, seat, and bulkheads
  • Colors: Sulphur Yellow/DahliaYellow/White with Black deck lines
  • Front Bulkhead: Custom 35"
  • Deck flush rudder assembly
  • Keel Strip: None
  • Extras: Custom front bulkhead
About NDK Quantums

The Quantum’s designer, Peter Major, says that his design has a plumb bow, nearly straight up and down. This helps the boat to keep going straight, even in a headwind. The Quantum handles chop and wind well, and is stable in a crosswind. The hull design allows for especially good glide. When in waves, Major says, “The stern skids down the face, so you start surfing really early… you get a dry ride as well, because the stern has massive volume.”

The Quantum rudder system is a design innovation in sea kayaks. The full depth blade self-centers into a recess in the back deck when you retract it. (Conventional rudder blades often stick up from the back of the kayak, making them vulnerable to damage. They can be an impediment when towing, and even dangerous during rescues.)

The smooth lines and lack of exposed sharp edges on the Quantum allow you to tow when you need to and surf when you want to. You can land the Quantum and empty it without worrying about damage to the rudder. The rudder is controlled by an adjustable bar, which provides solid placement for your feet to push against.

Expedition fittings are standard on the Quantum: oval front and rear hatches, a day hatch, and a compass recess. Recessed deck fittings and well-placed deck lines provide secure stowage for spare paddles and other essentials. The optional self-bailer is a unique feature on the Quantum. This is fitted to the cockpit area and it is possible to empty a relatively full cockpit in under a hundred strokes.

Recommended paddler weight: 150-220 lbs.

There's more to the Quantum's design than meets the eye. Watch the video to learn more.