Xtra HV Hardcore - Sale Price $3,995

The Xtra HV is a shorter, nimble, yet stable sea kayak for the larger paddler, designed for surf and rock hopping. Its hull has a hard chined midsection for outstanding surfing. Plenty of rocker adds to boat control. This forward thinking design results in quick acceleration for bursting through the eddyline or initiating a surf, excellent stability for carving bottom turns, and loose ends for quick cut-backs. Like all Tiderace sea kayaks, the Xtra is designed to keep pace with the group on a day trip. Or load up your camping kit and paddle to your favorite remote play spot. The Xtra easily handles the sea in all conditions.

The Hardcore layup is the toughest and most durable of the Tiderace constructions: multiple layers create a puncture resistant glass skin outside the core. Employing only glass on the outside of the laminate makes for easy repairs. Inside, a high tensile layer of carbon/kevlar resists deformation and absorbs heavy impacts. As with all Tiderace constructions, the inside is covered with a fine glass cloth to resist foot abrasion in the cockpit.

  • Color: Red/Black Stripe
  • LOA: 16’7”
  • Width: 22”
  • Weight: 54 lbs.
  • Recommended Paddler Weight: 175-220 lbs.


Tiderace Xtra HV, Standard G-Core - Demo Model $2,950

Blue with Black Stripe. Very lightly used demo model in excellent condition. MIKCo imported these super high quality built boats while they were being manufactured by Cobra in Thailand; some of the best built modern boats we have experienced. Wise use of fiberglass fabric layering, reinforced, resin flow control with vacuum and infusion.  Triple bulkhead, triple hatch. Slider skeg. Well thought out composite seats. Compass recess. Keyhole cockpit. The Xtra HV is a shorter, nimble, boxy hulled, higher volume, performance boat for intermediate plus paddlers. These have a bit more edge than our NDKs. It’s a stable, sleek performance based sea kayak oriented toward surf and rock hopping for the larger paddler.

For paddlers 175-250 lbs; Dimensions: 16'7" x 22.25”

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