Used & Demo Boats

The following MIKCo fleet and demo boats have various levels of use, but all are seaworthy, maintained, and most ready to go to sea. All are priced fairly to reflect their condition. We will tell you all we know about each boat, but they aren’t new retail and so are sold "as is". Please respect that we can not provide our usual full-fledged, multi-hour to multi-day demos, with fitting advice, boat design, manufacturing differences, and one on one service to these used and demo boats. You are welcome to (and still need to) make an appointment to come out to Peaks Island to see theses value priced boats - just please understand that we cannot provide our new retail price service, time and education. We are familiar with each boat offered here and will try to help you figure how each boat’s performance and specs link up to your interests and needs.


NDK Romany Classic
NDK Romany Classic - $1,000

This Y 2010  is rough but 100% seaworthy, solid, dry and ready to rock garden and play. Tom has been paddling it the last couple of years. Its had some repairs over the years but is complete with triple bulkheads ‘n hatches, Silva 70P compass, NDK foam seat, and a rear rope skeg. boat was replaced under warranty because of some areas where the texture of the fiberglass cloth is visible on the deck. This does not affect performance. White/white/British Racing Green with green full length keel strip. Custom front bulkhead is 34” with Yakima pegs. For paddlers 125-190 lbs. Dimnesions 16’ x 21.5”.

NDK Explorer, Standard Expedition layup - $1,300
NDK Romany LV
NDK Romany LV - $850

Fleet boat. White/White/Black, 3 bulkhead, 3 hatch, slider skeg, MIKCo repaired the stern damage from being cracked when dropped in cold weather. NDK Expedition layup. For paddlers under 130 lbs. Dimensions: 16’ x 21.5”.

NDK Romany Sport RM
NDK Romany Sport RM - $1,200

 Fleet boat. Red with Black cockpit. 2nd generation design with good foam bulkheads. Fiberglass cockpit rim. Full deck lines and bungees. 3 bulkhead, 3 hatch. Karitek slider skeg. These are good RM boats with decent and dry bulkheads for a (plastic) sea kayak. Single dump. For paddlers up to 225 lbs. Dimensions: 16’ x 21.25” x 13”.

NDK Explorer LV
 NDK Explorer LV - $1,500

Fleet boat. Green/White/Yellow. 3 bulkhead, 3 hatch. Small keyhole cockpit. Foam seat. Karitech slider skeg and skeg box. NDK Expedition layup. For longer, thin paddlers with its lower deck (1.5” lower deck than Explorer) and small cockpit. 17.5’ x 21.5” x 12” depth.

NDK Pilgrim
 NDK Pilgrim – $1,200

Fleet boat. White/White/Black. 3 bulkhead, 3 hatch. Slider skeg. Small keyhole cockpit. 3rd generation adjustable seat. NDK Expedition layup. For smaller paddlers up to 150 lbs. Dimensions:15.75’ x 20” x 12”.

Outer Islander
Outer Islander - $2,500

Classic wood strip sea kayak with carbon kevlar cockpit rim. Three hatches, recessed deck fittings, full deck lines, bungees. As gorgeous on display as it is on the water. 

Tiderace Xtra
Tiderace Xtra Standard G-Core - $3,900

Lightly used demo model in excellent condition. The Xtra is a shorter, nimble, yet stable sea kayak designed for surf and rock hopping. White/Black stripe. Dimensions: 16'7" x 22". Weight: 54 lbs. Recommended paddler weight: 145-200 lbs.

Additional photos on our Tiderace page.

Tiderace Xtra HV G-Core
Tiderace Xtra HV G-Core - $3,900

Lightly used demo model in excellent condition. The Xtra HV is a higher volume version of the Xtra. Blue/Black stripe. Dimensions: 16'7" x 22.25". Weight: 57 lbs. Recommended paddler weight: 175-220 lbs. Additional photos on our Tiderace page.

VCP Argonaut
 VCP Argonaut Standard Layup – $1,500

Fleet boat. Melon/White/Orange. VCP slider skeg. Two Valley oval hatches and 8” round day hatch. Full deck lines and bungees. Valley’s standard Expedition layup. For paddlers 170-225 lbs. Dimensions: 17’7” x 22.5” x 13.5”.

VCP Argonaut LV, Carbon Kevlar layup - $2,100

Excellent shape, very lightly used before we took it in on trade. It has never been a MIKCo fleet boat. Strong Valley vacuumed CK build. Two Valley ovals and standard Valley round day hatch. Valley slider skeg. VCPs are a bit deeper than NDKs as the foredeck offers more room. High secondary stability but with Valley’s more shallow V bottom for great efficiency and glide. 

VCP Aquanaut RM
VCP Aquanaut RM Triple Dump - $1,100

Fleet boat. Orange. VCP slider skeg. Two Valley oval hatches and 8” round day hatch. Full deck lines and bungees. Valley’s strong but heavy triple dump layup. For paddlers 140-200 lbs. Dimensions: 17’7” x 22.5” x 13.5”.

Valley Pintail
VCP Pintail Standard Layup - $1,200

A guide’s boat. Built 1997. Rail blue/White/Black. Ocean cockpit. Rear rope skeg. Henderson integrated cockpit pump.  Recessed deck fittings, full deck lines. 70 P compass. 3 bulkhead, 3 VCP hatches (with one large oval). Paddler 140-200 lbs. Dimensions: 17’2” x 21” x 13”.

VCP Skerray
 VCP Skerray Standard Layup – $1,250

A true classic, and the boat paddled by VCP’s founder, Frank Goodman in his last decade or so expeditioning. This is our demo model, not a fleet boat. Maroon/White/Yellow. 3 bulkhead, 3 hatch. Rear rope skeg. Custom front bulkhead. Slalom cockpit. Very light use. Frank Goodman founder of Valley Canoe Products, paddled a Skerray his last years expeditioning. Excellent condition. Paddles like a larger Pintail  but more initial stability for paddlers weighing 150-210 lbs.

VCP Skerray RM
 VCP Skerray RM – $750

Fleet boat. Grey, 2 bulkheads, 2 hatch. Slider skeg. Full deck lines and bungies. Slalom cockpit. One 8” round, one oval VCP rubber hatches – best in the biz. This is a favored rock garden boat by some older paddlers. For paddlers up to 200lbs. Dimensions: 17’ x 21.5”.

Necky Kayaks

These Neckys are discontinued. Rotomolded, Made in Maine, modern high secondary stability hulls, bulkheads, skeg or ruddered. These are some of the last of these great boats.

Necky Chatham RM
Necky Chatham 16' RM - $800

Fleet boat. Yellow/Orange RM plastic. 3 bulkhead, 3 VCP hatch. Good slider skeg. These paddle a lot like our 16’ Romany, and this boat is in solid, decent shape. An ideal coastal explorer with great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. Full-chined hull provides great stability and quick response to edging.Paddler: 145-200 lb. Dimensions: 16’ x 21”.

Necky Kayaks
Necky Manitous -  $500

2 bulkhead, 2 hatch, skeg. Full deck lines, adjustable seat. 2 available in Lemon. Either new or nearly new.

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