Used & Demo Boats

The following MIKCo fleet and demo boats have various levels of use, but all are seaworthy, maintained, and most ready to go to sea. Pricing reflects their condition. We know each of our own boats, and will tell you all we know. These are not new retail; all are sold “As Is”. Please respect that we cannot provide our usual full-fledged, multi-hour to multi-day demos, with our usual retail fitting advice, boat design, manufacturing differences, and one-on-one service. You are welcome to, and need to make an appointment to come out to Peaks Island to see these value priced boats – just please understand that we cannot provide our nearly unlimited new retail-level advice, time and education. We are familiar with each boat here and will try to help you figure how each boat’s performance and specs link up to your interests and needs. We want to help you with the right boat for you out on the sea to help you be both wise and safe.

A few of these value-priced boats are available to buy now on Maine Island Kayak Co's ebay Store.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks

NDK Quantum, 50/50 Layup - $2,950

Sulphur Yellow/DahliaYellow/White with Black deck lines. Oval front and rear hatches, day hatch. Hybrid 50/50 layup: CK deck, seat and bulkheads, fiberglass expedition hull. Custom front bulkhead 35”. Deck flush rudder assembly is controlled by an adjustable bar, which provides solid placement for your feet to push against. The full depth blade self-centers into a recess in the back deck when you retract it.

For paddlers 150-220 lbs; Dimensions 18’ x 21.6”.

NDK Romany Excel, Standard Expedition layup - $2,450

Orange/White/Red with Red keel strip. Private boat trade with no known issues. Triple composite bulkheads glassed in place. Triple hatches. 3rd gen adjustable seat. NDK’s largest and widest keyhole cockpit with the knee bumps for the larger paddlers and those with tighter hamstrings. Yakima aluminum footpegs. Kari slider skeg with NDK composite box. These are the largest cross section Romany, are high-performance full on sea kayaks for the largest paddlers – we’ve had paddlers up to 6’7”, 290 lbs playing hard in these boats. Truly do-anything, full on, fun and playful sea kayak for the biggest paddlers. All day comfort, all waters boat in a maneuverable, safe 16+ foot package.

For Paddlers 220 - 290 lbs; Dimensions 16’8” x 22.75” x 14.25” 

 NDK Pilgrim Expedition - $2,450

Yellow/White/Green. Standard expedition layup. Custom 34"bulkhead. Yakima footrests installed. Fleet boat in very good condition. 3 bulkhead, 3 hatch. Slider skeg. Long keyhole cockpit for easier entry and exit, especially for paddlers with longer legs. Deck has knee bumps which allow for more knee bend.

For taller, thinner paddlers: 110-170 lbs.; Dimensions: 17' x 19.75"


NDK Greenlander Pro - $2,150  SOLD

White/White/Black. Standard expedition layup with compass installed. Footpegs installed. Older style skeg box. Demo model. A fast, straight running expedition kayak with a traditional hard chined design for the medium sized paddler.

For smaller to medium sized paddlers. Dimensions: 17’8” x 21.4”


NDK Greenlander Race - $1,500

Yellow/White/Black. Elite layup. Demo model. Carbon Kevlar bulkheads and seat. Seat shows cloudy effect, result of delamination from UV exposure. The Greenland Race has been designed for open ocean racing and as a faster touring kayak primarily for flat to intermediate conditions. The kayak behaves well in the wind, but is regarded as an advanced kayak in rough conditions.

For medium to large sized paddlers. Dimensions 19’7” x 22.4”


Valley Canoe Products (VCP)

 VCP Avocet RM – $1,400

Yellow. Single dump. One of our all-time favorite kayaks: versatile, lively and maneuverable. Excellent for rock gardening and surf. Three hatch (front and rear oval), slider skeg, metal footpegs. This Avocet RM has been well cared for. Newer hatch covers.

For paddlers 135-200 lbs; Dimensions: 16 x 22”

 VCP Pintail, ocean cockpit, standard layup – $1,200

Rail Blue/White/Black. One of our guide’s personal boats. Built 1997. Short oval ocean cockpit. Rear rope skeg. Henderson foredeck mounted cockpit pump. Recessed deck fittings, full deck lines. 70 P compass. 3 composite bulkheads, 3 VCP hatches (with one large oval). These are great fun, traditional British designs, very maneuverable fish-form design. The Pintail’s rounded midsection, high rocker, upswept ends made this one of the very best early play/rock garden boats, yet many of us paddled on weekend trips as well. 

For paddlers 135-200 lbs; Dimensions: 17’2” x 21” x 13”

 VCP Aquanaut RM, triple dump – $750

Orange. Fleet boat. VCP slider skeg. Slalom cockpit. Two Valley oval hatches plus its 8” round day hatch. Full deck lines and bungees. Strong, durable but heavy, with VCP’s early well-built triple dump RM layup. Solid, for real, long lasting Valley sea boat sized like our Explorers. 

For paddlers 140-200 lb; Dimensions 17’7” x 22.5” x 13.5”

 VCP Skerray RM – $650  SOLD

Grey. Fleet boat. 2 bulkheads, 2 hatch w VCP oval and round hatch covers – best in the biz. Slider skeg. Full deck lines and bungies. Slalom cockpit. Foam seat. Welded dish shaped bulkheads. Once a favored rock garden boat, with plenty of volume for weekend trips. Fishform hull by Frank Goodman, paddles like a relaxed Pintail. 

For paddlers 130- 200lbsDimensions: 17’ x 21.5”

Tiderace Kayaks

We also have 1 new Cobra-built Xtra HV Hardcore; colors: red with black stripe. See our Tiderace page for specs and photos.

 Tiderace Xtra HV, Standard G-Core - $2,950

Blue with Black Stripe. Very lightly used demo model in excellent condition. MIKCo imported these super high quality built boats while they were being manufactured by Cobra in Thailand; some of the best built modern boats we have experienced. Wise use of fiberglass fabric layering, reinforced, resin flow control with vacuum and infusion.  Triple bulkhead, triple hatch. Slider skeg. Well thought out composite seats. Compass recess. Keyhole cockpit. The Xtra HV is a shorter, nimble, boxy hulled, higher volume, performance boat for intermediate plus paddlers. These have a bit more edge than our NDKs. It’s a stable, sleek performance based sea kayak oriented toward surf and rock hopping for the larger paddler. 

For paddlers 175-250 lbs; Dimensions: 16'7" x 22.25”

Wooden Strip

 Outer Islander - $2,500

Natural wood finish. Very lightly used, excellent nearly new condition. Classic, gorgeous, solid, high quality built wood strip sea kayak with custom carbon-kevlar sea cockpit rim, mahogany trim details contrast with the softwood strips. Triple wooden bulkheads glassed in place.  Three hatches, recessed deck fittings, full deck lines, bungees. Fast with strong tracking characteristics, high secondary stability, with decent internal volume for journeying. Out of Newfound Woodworks of NH. 

For paddlers 135-200 lbs; Dimensions: 17’10” x 21” x 11”

Ocean Kayak Mysto - $350

Lime green linear polyethylene with molded-in seat and footwells. Designed for surf, this sit-on-top kayak is also suitable for lakes and calm rivers. Short design with built in keel. Small stern tank area with bungees for storing gear. Never been paddled; stored outdoors.

For 1 paddler, total weight capacity 275-325 lbs. Dimensions: 9’9” x 31”; seat width 17”; weight 43 lbs.

Old Town Discovery 169
Old Town Discovery 169 canoe, Green  -  $850

Almost new, barely used. At nearly 17 feet, the Discovery 169 is the longest in the Discovery series. Designed to go long distances, the Discovery 169 performs efficiently even when it is loaded with gear. The three layer construction is designed to take a beating. The Discovery 169 is a great choice for the recreational paddlers who may aspire to go longer distances or may need additional room and load capacity.

Nylon web seats, ash carrying yoke and thwart, Vinyl gunwales, durable three layer polyethylene. 

Load Capacity 1400 lbs. Retail $ 1199. 

Dimensions 16’9” x 37” x 15”

Old Town Discovery 169

Photo shows Discovery 169.

Old Town Discovery 158, Green - $850

Almost new, barely used. A tough, rugged, unsinkable recreational canoe in 3-layer polyethylene. Agile, stable and easy to handle. Excellent overall canoe. Two up or solo, no keel enhances its performance in currents and bumpy water. Molded seats. Vinyl Gunwales. 

Load capacity 1100 lbs. Retail $1,099

Dimensions 15’8” x 35.5”

Old Town Next
Old Town Next, Mango - $550

This new unique Old Town Maine built boat design can be used with canoe/single bladed or kayak/double bladed paddles. These are low profile (so easier to paddle if sitting on floor), playful, lively, fun little boats for quieter waters. The removable seating system and the adjustable footbraces adds a kayak element to this canoe and increases control and efficiency; and these variable configurations work with your style of paddling, flexibility and interests. Its combination of subtle rocker offers straight, smooth tracking.  3-layer hull. Reasonable weight. Short length, and bright colors. 

Load capacity 450 lbs. Retail $1,100

Dimensions 13’ x 29”x 11.5”

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