Checking off the packing list for the Downeast trip

Captain Natty Bergh Runs Downeast

Tom and his son Natty, a 20' Lund, and the lure of the open ocean along the coast of Maine: follow their journey, propelled by wanderlust.
June 30,2020

So my 16 year old, Natty, and I are packing out for maybe a 2 week island camping boat trip from Peaks heading Downeast toward the Canadian border. Here's the boat: a 20' open Lund that we've owned since 2000. A bit more storage than my Explorer, not as seaworthy, and certainly a riveted hull isn't Nigel's hand built expedition grade durable hull. The real difference is, of course, this trip involves many more mechanical factors, and a metal prop...and it's darn hard to safely tuck this craft above HT line overnight! So stay tuned if you're interested in Captain Natty Runs Downeast.

Photo above: Natty checks off the packing list. Click here to see our MIKCo kayak related expedition checklist. Capt Natty Goes Downeast is modified for the vessel differences.


Prepping the 20' Lund for the trip Downeast

The Boat: 20' Lund

Monday July 6

Today we crossed from Rockland Harbor to Vinalhaven, sweet n easy 110 deg M, straight East 10ish NM. Southerlies push light fog tendrals at us from the offshore ebb tide, then lift beautiful cumulus high above the mainland.

Carver's Harbor is chock full of inshore fishing boats, but town is quiet and lightly sprinkled with mostly mask wearing locals, quietly going about their daily routines. This slower gentler Covid initiated pace is so appealing after our usual summer tempo involving lots of reactive tasks. We visit family friends fully rehabing a once grand shoreline home that will now have another 100 years of life.

The Lund is launched in Rockland

With a freshening breeze, we decide to use the strong sun to cross over Eastern Penobscot to Stonington. Out past the basaltic island with the black glassine marble beach, Saddleback Light is well below us (South). We quickly glance at our paper chart, note that the angle between N and E to Stonington Harbor is a bit less than a 45 deg angle. So we immediately know w/o more complexity that 60 deg M over the 8-10 mile crossing will land us around Crotch Island and it's massive blocks of cut granite. Isle au Haut's 600' high, six mile long NS ridge offers an easy handrail up into the Stonington archipelago where MIKCo once ran literally hundreds of overnight trips.

Harbor View Store

Gotta like a town where the only market opens at 0400.

Captain Natty Runs Downeast

Our newly fiberglassed wood strip dodger protects our gear while leaving the Capt well sprayed from the freshening breezes. We are so lucky to have our mountain grade Goretex shells.

Stonington Harbor is way quiet for a sunny July afternoon. We'll tuck in somewhere and see what tomorrow may bring as we head on downeast, next leg toward MDI.

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