Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Ghost Gear

Lost and abandoned fishing gear is one of the most significant contributor’s to the earth’s plastic problem. Although single use plastics such as plastic straws, water bottles, and grocery bags are often targeted by environmental groups, fishing gear is a far bigger problem in the ocean garbage situation. Global Ghost Gear Initiative was started by World Animal Protection in 2015 to address the issue.

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Milky Way Galaxy

We’re Losing the Night Sky – to Light

Two-thirds of people in the US can’t see the Milky Way from their homes. The stars that shape our galaxy disappear from view due to outdoor lighting which is too bright, stays on all night, or illuminates the sky rather than the earth. Night lighting also interferes with the rhythms of human, animal, and plant life.

US at night

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Lyrid Meteor Shower

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2018

Skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere will have a chance to see the Lyrid meteor shower between April 16 and April 25. The best day to see them, weather permitting, will be extremely early in the morning on Sunday, April 22.

Lyrid meteor

Meteor showers occur when the Earth crosses the path of a comet, colliding with a trail of comet crumbs. As they burn up in the atmosphere, the meteors leave bright streaks in the sky commonly referred to as "shooting stars”.

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