Sea kayakers using Celtic Omega blades in the surf

Celtic Omega Blades

Celtic's Omega blade strikes an impressive balance in blade design. The dihedral shape allows for a comfortable, lower angle touring stroke, but is ready for quick and decisive maneuvering.

Carol paddling with a Celtic Omega 600

The Omega blade, introduced in 2022, has less of a spoon than the Kinetik Touring. Omega’s flatter shape makes it a little more forgiving about the angle it enters the water, because it has a less aggressive catch. The shape of the blade is closer to the shape of other lower angle paddles. Some paddlers have described it as being slightly more flexible than the Kinetik Touring.

Celtic Omega 600, 650, 700

Omega 600, 650 and 700 blades

The Omega was designed with input from Dale Williams from Tybee Island, Georgia. Dale is a strong sea kayak surfer; his venue has ocean swell, tidal current and sandy beaches. Dale says that the Omega blades paddle “larger” than the size suggests; i.e. a 650 Omega feels on par with a 700 Kinetik Touring. Other SKUK-Celtic dealers have agreed with Dale’s assessment.

The Kinetik Touring blade is a precise, spoon shaped blade. It slices cleanly into the water and has a strong catch. Because of its powerful grasp, it excels in maneuvering. We especially like the Kinetic Touring blade for its quick, precise turning, solid bracing and excellent control in surfing.

Celtic Kinetic Touring (red graphic) and Omega (green graphic) blades

Kinetic Touring (top) and Omega blade backs

Come out to Peaks to test paddles these exceptional blades, and experience the nuances yourself!

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