NDK Romany Surf 5050

Cockpit Dimension Differences between the NDK Romany Surf and Sport RM

The NDK Sport RM is based on the Romany Surf. Both the Sport and the Surf fit average to larger-sized paddlers: people weighing approximately 150-220 lbs. While the two kayaks are very similar in performance and size, we have found some differences between the cockpit dimensions that are worth considering when comparing these two models. Even small differences can make an important difference for ease of entry, exit, and comfort.

NDK Romany Sport RM

Measurements of Cockpits

NDK Sport RM
  • 30.5" overall Length / 26.5" effective Length 
  • 15.75" minimum rim Width / 20" effective maximum Width
  • 11.5" Deep at front edge of cockpit
NDK Romany Surf
  • 32.25" overall Length / 27.5" effective Length
  • 16.5" minimum rim Width  / 2"1 effective maximum Width
  • 12.25" Deep at front edge of cockpit
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