Baja Expedition: Loreto to La Paz

November 13 - 22, 2021

Sea Kayaking in Baja, Mexico
The Quintessential Baja One-Way Trip

Mountains that rise from the sea, remote islands, and genuine Baja fishing villages along the way: connect with the sea, and the people who live from it. Paddle along a roadless desert mountain coast. Stars shine brilliant out here! Bands of color. Layers of peaks. Hills that play with the light. Don’t forget the sea caves if conditions are calm.

We will launch from Puerto Escondido, a beach 15 miles south of Loreto, and take out at Agua Verde, a tiny, endearing ranching and fishing community north of La Paz on a genuine Baja dirt road. In between is freedom. Life as a band of sea gypsies. Enjoy creative geology, 5-star beaches, some challenging headlands, the occasional cave and isolated fishing village, shy pockets of palm trees, and a typical tailwind.

Women Sea Kayaking in Baja, Mexico

The coastline between Loreto and La Paz has long been a paddling classic because of its dramatic scenery and remoteness. Any way you do it, Loreto to La Paz is one trip that should go high on your list!

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It’s the sense of going somewhere. It’s the spiny ridge of the Giganta mountain range that keeps civilization at bay. It’s the richness of the sea, and the romance of distant islands on the horizon.

Loreto to La Paz
Baja Cacti

You should have experience in dynamic water, and be able to perform at British Canoeing 3/4-Star level or equivalent. You need to be comfortable with very basic camping and bivy-ing, and be in appropriate physical condition to enjoy consecutive days of committed paddling. Please note that one way trips are both psychologically and physically demanding.

We're partnering with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico for this expedition of a lifetime.

If interested, please email Tom for more details about this extraordinary trip.


We highly recommend perusing other offerings at Sea Kayak Baja Mexico. SKBM, owned by Ginni Callahan, remains a small company by choice - unique, passionate about what they do, and good at it. Ginni oversees the operation, coaches, and guides. She is committed to employing locals and conscientiously supports the economy in Loreto. Sea Kayak Baja Mexico is a Nigel Dennis Kayaks (SKUK) Expedition Center.

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