Moving Water & Tidal Currents

Two Dates: June 26-27, 2021 and July 10-11, 2021.
Learn how to use moving water to your advantage - while having a lot of fun!

This 2-day course is aimed at quickly elevating your flat water sea kayaking skills by using them in dynamic, moving water. We’ll work together to understand and use ferry angles, bracing, and a variety of propulsion, maneuvering and support strokes. You’ll gain confidence and comfort around eddy lines and standing waves.

We’ll begin at Bagaduce Reversing Falls, where we’ll work on ferrying and crossing an eddy line in a sea kayak. On Day 2, we’ll head over to the natural playground of Blue Hill Falls. There, we’ll use our developed ferrying skills from Day 1 to work on surfing the wave at Blue Hill. The goal of this course is for every paddler to ferry comfortably into and out of an eddy, and to utilize a ferry angle and corrective strokes to surf a wave.


kayaker near an eddy line

For this course, MIKCo will provide a bagged lunch for both on-water days. We will be group car camping in the Blue Hill area, each participant is responsible for their own breakfast and dinner. Sea kayaks in the 16 foot range are recommended as well as some exposure protection (wet suit/dry suit). Please contact Nick DelPrete ([email protected]) with any questions about this course.

Prerequisites: Paddlers should possess skills at the Novice to Intermediate Level. (See MIKCo’s Sea Kayaker Self-Assessment.) Familiarity with sea kayak rescue is a must, as well as being comfortable flipping a kayak and performing a wet exit.

Course cost: $350/student

Coaches: Nick DelPrete, Christopher Audet, Joe Guglielmetti.