Ocean kayaking offers a rich opportunity to study the complexities of our interaction with sea and island environments; it gives us relaxing and rejuvenating time away from our daily responsibilities. Islands provide a powerful, dynamic, and often wild foothold from which to witness the wonders of the natural world - and to perfect the art of the siesta and beach combing. For others, developing seamanship skills and integrating environmental, logistical, and interpersonal factors into what we create for that day are paramount. MIKCo offers outfitting for experienced paddlers with high level British Canoeing or ACA certifications. Concerted planning is necessary to insure minimal impact on our fragile island ecosystems.

NDKs on Halifax Island

MIKCo is a Sea Kayaking UK Expedition Center

SKUK Expedition Centers are for adventure-seeking kayakers who are ready to expedition in some of the best paddling locations in the world. These Centers offer exceptional quality kayaks from Sea Kayaking UK and a high standard of leadership and coaching from the staff.

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MIKCo maintains a fleet of Nigel Dennis Kayaks fiberglass and RM boats. We believe that we have one of the finest sea kayak selections available in the Northeast.  We work with you to fit a kayak to each person’s skills, athleticism, and interests. Visit our Retail Boat Store to learn more about these expedition grade boats.

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MIKCo can supply necessary safety and rescue gear for your expedition, including spray skirts and US Coast Guard approved Type III PFDs. We carry Celtic paddles. For extended expeditions, we have a selection of wetsuits, pogies, booties, paddling jackets, and dry bags.

Outfitted trips are self-supported: your group carries all required food, water, and equipment. Basically, you need to take care of yourself on the islands. Kayaks generally carry at least twice what we could carry backpacking, which enables each participant to share the load of fresh food and camp gear. Your bags and pads must be of reasonable size due to smallish hatch openings. You need to bring your own sleeping bags, pads, personal gear, and your enthusiasm.


In order to facilitate development of island-based recreational trips or educational programs, we offer the following as suggested areas of attention:

  • What are your goals, priorities, and interests?
  • How feasible is this trip or course for your group? What are your required minimum/maxim participant numbers? Are these obtainable with your current development program?
  • What resources are required to meet program goals?
  • Qualifications: what are your requirements for participation?

Please see our guide Before You Go: an outline of considerations before you go out on the water. We are also able to provide a 1-4 hour orientation session for your group on kayaking skills, navigation, weather, and other topics.


Your put-ins and routes will be developed based on group skills and interest, time constraints, and weather factors.  Trip routes trip can be circuitous, beginning and ending at our base on Peaks Island or another launching point. One-way expeditions have a special appeal, but require your group to maintain a schedule to get to the take-out on time. Scheduling around the tides is important for certain areas or courses.  We strongly recommend unsupported travel for courses where outdoor leadership and ocean skill development are primary emphases.

Peruse our Course Outlines & Materials of instructional courses we have offered. Choose one of these, or combine elements for your one-of-a-kind course.

Southern shore of Mount Desert Island

In our more remote locales, we recommend that all participants have medical evacuation insurance. Sea kayak expeditioning often brings us a long way from high quality health care, so participants need to be in good health, without any substantial problems. Please speak to us about any concerns.

Contact us to inquire about outfitting your sea kayaking trip.

"There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance, adventure, solitude and peace."    Sigurd Olson