NDK Quantum

First NDKs of 2018 to Arrive

~ including the new Quantum and Echo.

Before they’re ever paddled in North American waters, Nigel Dennis Kayaks travel across the ocean.


From their beginnings in Anglesey, Wales, NDKs are loaded into shipping containers for the voyage across the often stormy North Atlantic. Putting together a container begins months in advance. Detailed custom orders are written up,

Container ship

 checked, and finalized by retailers. The orders are reviewed and compiled by the Eastern US importers, and a container is “filled”. Fluctuating exchange rates between the British pound and the US dollar require further calculation.

The labor-intensive boat-building process ensues. Nigel Dennis Kayaks are all built by hand. Custom orders are the norm rather than the exception, adding time to the equation. When the kayaks are cured and ready to be shipped, they are protected with layers of bubble wrap, encased in a heavy-duty plastic bag, and secured with miles of packing tape. Boats are actually hung in the container to mitigate damage, the result resembling a giant sized tin of bubble-wrapped sardines.

Unloading NDKs
Containers overboard

There are approximately 33 million containers in the world, according to the UK Telegraph. The World Shipping Council estimates that on average 1,679 containers are lost at sea each year, or 4.6 per day. Fortunately for NDK paddlers, this year’s first container of Nigel Dennis Kayaks sailed from the UK after Storm Emma and the “Beast from the East” unleashed their combined fury.


One of the most famous lost container incidents involved a container of rubber ducks. After a container of 29,000 plastic yellow ducks, red beavers, blue turtles and green frogs was washed into the Pacific in 1992, the toys began appearing on beaches around the world, from the west coast of the United States, to South America, Australia, and by 2007, Europe. The movement of the ducks was used by oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer to map global ocean currents.


Maine Island Kayak Co is expecting the new Quantum and Echo to arrive in late March, along with our custom ordered and retail boats.

Come demo the Quantum and Echo

 - or try out classics such as the Romany and Explorer from the largest NDK demo fleet in North America. You may find just the right boat for your coastal touring, rock hopping... or for drifting along and mapping ocean currents.

Nigel Dennis at Tybee Island
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