Cleat. Photo by bernswaelz.

If you don’t know your knots, tie a lot…

or learn a few go-to knots for securing things… securely!

We like Animated Knots for its interactive website and clear, animated images for tying numerous knots. Each knot has a dedicated page with info on uses, safety, pros and cons, variations, and more. There are also sections on safety, ropes, and terminology and a knot-of-the-day feature.

Bundle. Photo by Gunnar Ridderström.
Frayed Ropes. Photo by James Baldwin.

Search for a specific knot, or browse the sections with knots for certain applications, including Search & Rescue, Climbing, and, of course, Boating.

Animated Knots has an app, which keeps an arsenal of knots in hand in case you have trouble keeping them in your head.

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