Custom sea kayaking course with Tom Bergh


MIKCo specializes in custom courses, for individuals or small groups. Custom means designed for you: your goals and chosen environment. Four students is our preferred number for our lead coaches, as it allows for deeper modeling and increased group responsibility. Talk to us about scheduling a one day lesson or a multi-day course.

FastTrack Course


Learn about the importance of kayak fit, and how it relates to performance, as you try different Nigel Dennis Kayak models. You'll come away with suggestions and exercises to bring your paddling to the next level, as well as an appreciation of how our Nigel Dennis Kayaks handle in conditions.

Beach Day at Maine Island Kayak Co


Information about custom courses at Maine Island Kayak Co.


Our Registered Maine Guides and British Canoeing and American Canoe Association (ACA) trained coaches and instructors have paddled thousands of miles on various seas over the last 30+ years, and have helped hundreds get out on the water. We believe our progressive formats will tune you into this great sport: taking you beyond simple rescues and basic maneuvering to making rewarding decisions, and enabling you to achieve your goals in the ever-changing environment.

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”  Amelia Earhart