Take a private sea kayaking lesson while test paddling our Demo Fleet of Nigel Dennis Kayaks.

Fine tuning your own paddling can dramatically increase your understanding of sea kayaks and how they perform. Our Demo-Classes are designed to improve your sea kayaking skills and awareness, expand your comfort zone, and give you practical exercises to continue working on.

Our regular new kayak Demos for potential boat buyers remain available by appointment, but do not involve on-water instruction and personalized skill building.

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Demo-Classes are typically half-days; mornings usually offer the most benign conditions. You'll learn about the importance of kayak fit, and how it relates to performance, as you try different kayak models. We'll assess the day's weather and sea conditions before heading out on the water. On the water, we'll explore a variety of sea conditions (proximity to tidal currents, rocks, breaking waves, etc. - depending on your comfort level and interest) employing your existing skills and introducing new ones, as appropriate. You'll come away with suggestions and exercises to bring your paddling to the next level, as well as an appreciation of how our Nigel Dennis Kayaks handle in conditions.

While we're always happy to sell you the proper kayak, we also feel that the money you spend on YOU - and improving your personal paddling skills - is money well spent.

Cost: $125 for half-day lesson and NDK demo.

To Register: Contact us to arrange a Demo Class.

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You will be asked to sign MIKCo's Waiver & Release before your course.


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