Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany Sport RM

NDK Sport and Sportive

“It tracks great, surfs well and is an over-all really fun boat to paddle. I gave it a 10.” review
NDK Romany Sport RM

“A Romany that mortal paddlers can take around rocks without worrying about doing loads of damage to a composite hull. Like the composite counterpart, the Romany Sport RM is a solid, easy-handling kayak that gives back every ounce of effort you put into maneuvering… it’s at the top of its class.”    Jake S.

Tidal races, rock gardens, or your go-to surfing spot: Nigel Dennis Kayaks’ Romany Sport and Sportive perform. Developed from the unrivaled Romany Surf, these boats are in a different league from other rotomolded (RM) sea kayaks. Yet they retail at a very attractive price point. The Sport fits medium to large sized paddlers, while the new Sportive is designed for the smaller paddler. Both the Sport and Sportive are constructed of a single layer super linear polyethylene rotomold that is much more rigid than comparable weight single layer boats. In addition, they are fitted with fiberglass cockpit rims and seats.

Tough hybrid construction sea kayaks.

These elements provide a rigid environment when you’re playing in the sea. You have greater connectivity with your boat, so it feels more like paddling a composite kayak. But if things don’t go as planned… contact with rocks will be absorbed by a tough plastic hull and deck.

NDK Romany Line-Up

From front to back: Romany Classic Standard Expedition Layup, Romany Surf Standard Expedition Layup, Romany Sport RM

NDK Romany Line-Up

“This kayak has taken me by surprise. It’s stiff, tough, and the connectivity is amazingly good… Now I take the Sport more often than any other kayak.”

The Sport and Sportive have moderately boxy rails, which provide good stability. Flattish hulls promote better surfing characteristics, and also help in a following sea. The Sport and Sportive have double-walled foam fore and aft bulkheads with full hatches; day hatches are fitted with composite rims, which ease securing hatch covers. Seats have adjustable backbands; seat height and reach are also customizable - not the norm with RM kayaks.

NDK Sport Composite Cockpit Rim

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  • Length: 16’4”
  • Width: 21”
  • Height (front of combing): 11.5”
Nigel Dennis Kayaks Sport


  • Length: 15’7”
  • Width: 21”
  • Height (front of combing): 11”
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