NOAA 2022 Sea Level Rise Report

NOAA has released its Sea Level Rise Technical Report for 2022, the first update since 2017. The report includes projections for all US coastal waters through 2150.

In the report overview, NOAA highlights four key points:

  1. In the next 30 years, a sea level rise of 10-12 inches is projected along the US coastline.
  2. Sea level rise will cause an increase in tide and storm surge heights, so the sea water will reach further inland.
  3. Unless we curb emissions, an additional 1.5-5 feet of sea level rise could occur above the already projected 2 feet by 2100. 
  4. Continual tracking and expanded monitoring is critical to understanding the individual factors that contribute to sea level rise.

Report Overview with link to full technical Report:

Featured image of storm waves by Ram Island in Casco Bay.

Following image shows beach erosion on Peaks Island from he same storm.

Beach Erosion on Peaks Island
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