This list is offered as a guideline; it is by no means definitive. You should amend it as appropriate for the environment you paddle in. Bringing safety equipment is not enough. Know how to use your safety gear and keep it accessible.

Kayak appropriate for conditions with bulkheads or float bags
Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with attached whistle, emergency strobe light, and signal mirror
VHF marine radio, weather radio, cell phone
Clothing appropriate for conditions with extra layers
Wetsuit or drysuit "Dress for immersion." Even in summer, Maine’s cold water temperatures usually warrant a shortie wetsuit.
Spray skirt
Paddle and spare paddle
Paddle float
Tow system
Bilge pump or bailer, sponge
Fog horn
First aid kit
Kayak repair kit
Multipurpose repair tool
Nautical charts, compass (deck and handheld), GPS
Tide chart
Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
Rain gear and dry bags
Food and water
ID your boat