MIKCo Fundamental Personal Skills Checklist


  • Personal clothing & gear
  • Boat lifting & carrying
  • Boat fitting
  • Entry & exit, beach, dock and floating
  • Wet exits 
  • Stretching exercises

Fundamental Strokes

  • Forward low and high
  • Backward paddling
  • Stopping, forward & reverse
  • Forward & reverse sweeps
  • Draw
  • Stern rudder
  • Slap or reflex brace

Intermediate Strokes

  • Sculling draw - with figure eight
  • Bow rudder
  • Cross bow rudder
  • Stern rudder tillering
  • Low brace turn
  • High brace turn
  • Hanging draw
  • Draw on the move


Low brace - Stationary and moving

High brace - Stationary and moving

Sculling for support

Edging & Leaning

Application to each stroke

Toward the wave, the whitewater


  • Tow gear equipment options: PFD tethers, Contact, Waist, Boat mounted
  • Towing a swimmer
  • Parallel or serial tow
  • Husky tow
  • Tower as an anchor for a repair or rescue


Contact, communication, and commitment.

Get water out and person in, any order, do it fast. 

Practice in the conditions you paddle in.

Assisted Rescues
  • Eskimo rescues – bow and paddle presentation
  • Boat holds parallel and opposed
  • T rescue with/without victim assistance
  • X rescue
Self Rescue
  • Paddle float rescue
  • Paddle float re-entry and roll
  • Sweep or combat roll
  • C to C
  • Spare paddle roll
  • Re-entry and roll
  • Extended paddle roll
All In Rescue


  • Bowline
  • Figure of Eight
  • Round turn and 2 half hitches
  • Clove hitch