MIKCo Recommended Weather and Sea State Analysis (minimum)

As a responsible paddler looking to push your envelope, consider gathering the following info each day.

Sample Weather Board 

Date: June 14th, 20__

High Tide: 1014    Ft: 11.8

Max Flood: 0735 @ 1.1 kt    Slack: 1055 @ .2 kt

Low Tide: 1622    Ft: -1.6

Max Ebb: 1406 @ 1.3 kt    Slack: 1640 @ .1 kt

Portland Buoy 44007    

Wind Direction: ESE
Wind Speed: 11 kt
Gusts: 17 knots
Swell Ht and Period: 3' every 10 seconds
Wind wave Ht: 1.6’
Water temp: 49° F
Air temp: 52° F
Dew point: 49.7° F

Summary: Upper level L pressure running up the St Lawrence Valley, may stall in Maritimes.

Land Forecast: Partly cloudy, mild with a chance of showers.

Marine Forecast: Warm front through early AM with approaching cold front arriving late PM when wind backs to NW and increases.

Offshore Forecast: Winds SW 15-25 kt with seas building to 6-8 ft before approaching cold front.