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NOAA Chart of Casco Bay

Peaks Island

Oceanside Conservation Trust

An accredited land trust, OCT is dedicated to the conservation of wild or undeveloped open space, scenic areas, and historic landmarks in the Casco Bay region; foster low-impact and respectful access to these resources; and enhance the cultural, economic and civil well-being of residents and visitors.

OCT’s Daveis and Skillings Woods and Echo Pond Management Plan

Peaks Island Land Preserve

Founded in 1995 to forever protect and conserve its original 14 acre holding of Battery Steele on the Backshore, PILP now oversees and stewards 150 acres out of Peaks’ 720, some in conjunction with Oceanside Conservation Trust, like our community’s beautiful Ice Pond, home to winter kids on skates with sticks. PILP website has additional Peaks Island conservancy info.

Mapping of Water (and Septic)

Peaks Island natural resource maps.

Peaks Island Watersheds

Map by the Peaks Island Information Exchange.

Peaks Island Land Preserve Maps of Peaks Island roads, trails and properties.

PDF Trail Map to download and print

PILP website Trail Map

Peaks Island Land Preserve Backshore Bird Blog

Information and photographs of species listed by year.

The Wildflowers of Peaks Island, Maine

Chuck Radis and Rick Radis, 2010.

A book with color-coded pages that group wildflowers by season and habitats. Each plant is described by color, placement, shape of leaves, and measurements.

Peaks Island Soils

Map by Peaks Island Information Exchange.

Map Adventures

Produces the current PILP map of its properties.

"I recognize the human need for tidiness — strong solid homes, good roads, level sidewalks, and crisp, neat yards. But as I walk, listen, and look around Peaks Island I have found that our natural systems require some messiness." From In Praise of Scrub, Snags, Thickets, and Scraggly Vegetation by Laura Glendening, PILP Board member.