SMSKN Chart & Compass Homework

January 24, 2024 Workshop

by Tom Bergh, Maine Island Kayak Co.

Outer Green

 You and your friends decide that you want to paddle on your day off out to Outer Green, 3 miles East of Peaks Island to see the terns. You want to paddle by Ram Island on the way to OR on the return trip from Outer Green. You are all skilled to your current levels.

Write down your trip plan including:

  1. Approximate headings and time intervals for major legs of your chosen route.
  2. Identify potential problem areas and safety spots.
  3. Determine any significant tidal influences. 

Weather & Sea State: 

A cold front moving at 20 knots is approaching from the NW scheduled to arrive early afternoon. The last few days have had Force 4 SW winds building around noon and the marine forecast calls for 3 foot swells before the cold front arrives. Today's morning fog is scheduled to burn off by 9:00 AM.

paddling in Conditions-Ram Ledge

If, halfway across to Outer Green, one of your friends suddenly dislocates a shoulder, how, what, when would you do? How is your expedition plan changed?

See Navigation & Route Selection, which includes Chart & Compass Fundamentals.