Covid: Maine Island Kayak Co’s Courses, Trips & Services

Paddling past Jewell Island

Updated 5/17/20

Currently, MIKCo is postponing our open enrollment courses and trips. We are tracking the science and political data daily. We are engaged in implementing new operational protocols for such virus and pathogen issues. We are continually examining the public’s acceptance of their new obligations, and our realistic ability to deliver reduced risk paddling and seamanship experiences. 


  • Yes, we are actively & daily involved with new sea kayak sales and delivery of NDK’s, Liz has been keeping our MIKCo Boat Store on the website up to date.
  • Yes, we will take reservations for private trips and courses for single groups or families so long as we are all willing and able to implement needed safe practices. Let’s get you tuned up for being On The Sea in A Small Boat!
  • Yes, you will need to assume greater responsibility and risk to have any day out in the common spaces. Our required Waiver & Release reflects this shared responsibility.
  • No, we will NOT put together groups for trips or courses, your group needs to meet your own requirements and expectations about physical safety, hygiene, travel and personal responsibility, and all must be adults. 

We would expect anyone interested in visiting MIKCo here on Peaks, in buying a boat, or hiring us for your on-water private instructional or group, to please review our related articles:

NDKs on Jewell

Please know that in our world, we believe that Darwin was right. 

Until we are able to safely and wisely get a paddle wet …

Tom Bergh, MIKCo, Peaks