Covid: MIKCo’s Y2020 Season

May 17th, 2020

Dear Sea Paddler Friends and Community,

MIKCo has decided to amend our approach to providing our customary general public sea kayaking programs during this Y 2020 season. MIKCo will continue with Covid-Safe Boat Sales and small Private Instructional Courses and Trips. 

We are studying Covid-19 science as it evolves, and our society’s admirable but lurching response and reaction. At the same time, we are observing increasing social discord on attending to personal and community health. With respect to Maine’s current roll-out plans, and our own required standards, we are putting a hold on general public trip and course programs. 

Our dedication to education and risk management makes this decision rather straightforward. Yet we do not make this call lightly; it's our first ‘halt’ since we formally started in 1986. At this date, our strong focus on you, our community and responsibilities preclude safely delivering open-enrollment sea kayak programming.

sea kayakers in small waves

Meanwhile, we will think of the energy and sense of nervous excitement we see in so many of you as you become more confident and comfortable on the sea. We will think of our paddlers' smiles as they prowl the intertidal zone and paddle through their first breaking wave. We will recall that slight tightening as we round the corner of Whitehead and feel the power of the swells that are crossing the Gulf of Maine. We will appreciate our tribal experience when camping together on island archipelagos.

We are concerned and hopeful for what shapes this cultural re-boot may take to the global challenges ahead. We continue to be dedicated to helping us all enrich our communication with ourselves and our community.

We remain grateful for your support and input, the work and service you provide us all, and your interest in going-to-sea-in-a-small-boat.

Stay in touch, active and engaged, please.

Tom Bergh, MIKCo, Peaks